Como Comprar enAlgamania

A trav茅s del desarrollo de esta p谩gina, detallaremos c贸mo funciona el proceso de compra en nuestra tienda online y cu谩les son los pasos a seguir para completar un pedido.

Igualmente, incluiremos informaci贸n adicional sobre c贸mo suscribirse o borrarse de la Newsletter, qu茅 hacer si un pedido llega defectuoso o c贸mo cancelar una orden de compra por parte del usuario

El proceso de compra en www.algamania.com聽 es muy intuitivo y sencillo.

Para iniciar y completar el proceso seguiremos los siguientes pasos:

  1. Elegir la categor铆a y subcategor铆a d贸nde se encuentra los productos que se desean comprar.
  2. Visualizarlos y ver su contenido mediante clicks en las diferentes secciones que se muestran, como las diferentes fotograf铆as, el precio o las pesta帽as de informaci贸n adicional, descripci贸n o valoraci贸n del mismo.
  3. Seleccionar el n煤mero de unidades que se desee con laos icono de + o 鈥 o bien tecleando el numero en el campo habilitado para ello, y a帽adiendo el art铆culo a la cesta. A continuaci贸n, puedes elegir seguir comprando repitiendo el proceso con los diferentes art铆culos, o tramitar pedido iniciando el proceso de check out.
  4. Si el cliente ya est谩 registrado, no ser谩 necesario introducir los datos de facturaci贸n, pero si es la primera vez que accede a la tienda, deber谩 Introducir todos los datos que se solicitan, nombre, direcci贸n de env铆o, datos fiscales, etc.
  5. Seleccionaremos a continuaci贸n un m茅todo de pago para completar nuestro pedido, teniendo disponible los m茅todos de pago con tarjeta de cr茅dito o el pago a trav茅s de la plataforma de Paypal o Transferencia Bancaria previa.
  6. Confirmaremos el pedido si procede, y en su caso, la plataforma nos redirigir谩 a los diferentes sitios externos para validar la transacci贸n con el m茅todo de pago elegido, devolvi茅ndonos a la tienda una vez formalizada para visualizar que se ha producido la compra de forma satisfactoria. Si hubiera habido un error en el proceso, en ese mismo momento nos definir谩 cual ha sido y para completar el pedido deberemos iniciar de nuevo el mismo en el paso 5.
  7. En el correo electr贸nico con el que se registr贸 el cliente para hace su pedido, se recibir谩 un email confirmando el mismo y con un breve detalle de su contenido, importe y forma de pago.

Due to the very nature of the Internet, given the possibility that this page can be accessed from anywhere in the world, you can now make your purchase from Europe, Asia and America.

The different contents and products offered by ALGAMANIA SL are aimed at customers who move anywhere in the world, however, when requesting the purchase ALGAMANIA SL reserves the right to refuse the provision of services or the shipment of products, in those cases it deems appropriate.

If an item is out of stock, your article may temporarily be unavailable.

All the store products have two states, available or not available, marking the non-existence of a product as unavailable, but in some cases the product may be available again in the store as soon as stocks are replaced or if they were discontinued it would be withdrawn from sale on the website without appearing with the referenced status.

Yes. The images of our products are true reflection of reality, as the photographs displayed are of the actual product, in terms of sizes, formats and color of packaging and labels.

Yes. Simply by subscribing to our “newsletter” contact form or by the mere fact of already being a customer and having solidified registration with Algamania.SL, you will receive information about the latest developments and offers only sold through the online store of聽

To request the right to revoke these releases or unsubscribe to the “Newsletter” you can do so either by typing in the received statement in the detailed field where you see the text “unsubscribe” and completing all steps detailed on the page or by sending an email to soporte@algaman铆 requesting the withdrawal of your subscription.

Once the entire order process has been completed as detailed above, you will receive an email confirming it. Regardless of this communication, in the last step of the purchase process the store platform validates the transaction by placing a message that says: ” order carried out successfully “.

If no email is received or viewed this last section, you can get in touch with the online store support at: soporte@algaman铆

The removal of any item that is not wanted or has been mistakenly selected can be done from the online shopping cart page, or during your product selection, as long as this request takes place before the purchase process has been completed. From this moment on the transaction would be considered a return, which will be handled as outlined in the return policy of

Yes, you may cancel your order by sending an email to soporte@algaman铆 within 8 hours of processing it, or by requesting it in the proper field in the customer section of the online store.聽 The customer should recognize these two options a request, not an actual cancellation.

The actual cancellation of the order will be notified in an express statement via email through the online store of Online Shop only sells items in perfect condition, so if, exceptionally an article with some defect comes to you already either by the delivery of the transport agency and its packaging or the condition of the product, label, cover, etc… You must noti fy immediately ALGAMANIA SL via so we can fix the contingency as soon as possible and at the same time detect error or bad service.

The online store only sells items in perfect condition, so if, by chance you receive a defective item, either due to the delivery of the shipping agency and its packaging or because the condition of the product, label, cover, etc … you must notify ALGAMANIA SL immediately at soporte@algaman铆 聽so that we can solve the issue as soon as possible and in turn detect the error or poor service.


Formas de PAGO enAlgamania

Los pedidos que se realicen en la tienda online de ALGAMANIA SL deben pagarse en el momento de finalizaci贸n del proceso de compra, por lo medios telem谩ticos adaptados por su plataforma para cada caso.

In the Online Shop of have the following means of payment:

  • Payment by Credit Card: Accepting transactions with VISA, MasterCard, American Express and any other type of payment gateway that the bank of ALGAMANIA SL is working with at the time. The possibilities of not having a specific card will always be informed on the screen.
  • Payment with Paypal, where each user will have to have an account in said platform to be able to validate their transactions within the website-store of
  • Previous bank transfer- when choosing this means of payment, the client will see a warning on the screen informing that the purchase process will start once it is verified that the money has entered the destination account which is reported at the same time and will also be reflected along with the destination bank details within the proof of order that is received via mail to proceed to validate the order.

Cards operations are subject to the security guidelines of the payment gateway of the banking entity of ALGAMANIA SL and the card can be rejected for one of the following reasons:

  • The card may be expired, and the operation cannot be performed. Check that the card does not exceed the expiry
  • The credit limit and/or security of the card may have been reached. The customer should consult with the issuing bank to verify or not if this is the reason.
  • Some incorrect data has been entered. Check that all required fields have been filled in correctly.

Operations either by Paypal, or credit card are verified under the SSL security protocols web pages, with the certificate in force since the client is linked from https:, until it lands on the page of the payment gateway or paypal platform, which also verify and protect operations and communications under these security standards.

ALGAMANI SL does not store or copy the credit card data used during the purchase process in the payment gateways of the banking entities nor do they store the users passwords that are requested when validating a Paypal operation, since this customer information is requested on the bank鈥檚 pages or the Paypal platform and not inside the online store, makes it completely safe to use these payment methods.