Format: 60 capsules
Consumption: 1 Capsule daily with meals, along with plenty of water.



The alga Ascophyllum nodosum, known as Kelp, has several vitamins beneficial to health (see bibliographic references), such as vitamin B12, which is present in amounts comparable to those that exist in the liver of animals, which which makes this algae particularly important for vegetarians (see bibliographic references).

Studies show that one of the most important benefits of Kelp Seaweed is its high content of iodin (Iodine), helping the body to improve digestion and intestinal transit, thanks to its high fiber content (see bibliographical references).

Thanks to the presence of a good amount of alginic acid or algin, it is a perfect ally to combat diarrhea (see bibliographic references).

Following the different scientific investigations consulted (see bibliographic references), it is considered that the KELP algae captures the heavy metals of the body, which makes it an effective solution against heavy metal poisoning, so that it purifies the body when evacuating them.

It is also a great activator of metabolism. The thyroid gland needs iodine to promote the proper functioning of different organ systems, iodine that we can obtain with this algae (see bibliographic references).

According to the scientific research consulted, Kelp contains a hormone that stimulates natural growth and cell regeneration (see bibliographic references). In addition, international studies indicate that KELP algae (see bibliographic references):
ā€¢ It is characterized by a high skin repair power
ā€¢ Contains protein and fiber
ā€¢ It has vitamins B1, B2, B5, B12, C, E, K
ā€¢ Contains minerals such as sodium, chlorine, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron

** Note: our supplements are aimed at healthy people who want to incorporate natural products into their diet to help improve their quality of life. People with health problems should always consult their doctor.

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